Platform for System Integration

Providing the building blocks for smart facilities


PSITECH™ is a smart, configurable ecosystem of applications that provides an entire, rich architecture solution for Physical Security Information Management, next generation IoT infrastructure and Integrated Building Management applications. PSITECH™ is designed for large system applications; it takes care of the entire system life cycle from the subsystems to the data application management. PSITECH™ provides a uniform model of object encapsulation throughout the communication channel and all connected infrastructure. The platform facilitates an integrated, multiple vendor, multiple tenant, multiple site, next generation PSIM and IoT applications environment.

Architecture Overview

A brief architecture overview of the core PSITECH™ platform model

 PSI Runtime Server

The core PSITECH™ component that employs a unique distributed federated architecture in order to allow for decentralised control. The server is optimised and hardened to handle large data processing stacks and numerous simultaneous inflows.

 PSI Runtime Driver Suite

A comprehensive library of standard drivers and communication protocols.

 PSI Failover Control Server

A two-part critical safety application that facilitates the fast and effective switch over between Primary and Secondary instances of PSI Runtime Server in a Redundant Hot Standby environment.

 PSI Occurrence Management

An integrated occurrence life cycle management application for large scale automated as well as manual incident operations.

 PSI Evidence Bank

The centralised system for the uploading, viewing and managing of associated video, audio, related files or other evidence.

 PSI Runtime Client

The runtime graphical interface and data visualisation platform including client-side smart controllers to give operators a clear overview of the current system and network status.

 PSI Design

The development application used for project customisation, object import and configuration, application process scripting and graphical design.

 PSI Development Kits

There are multiple SDKs (software development kits) available for PSITECH™. These development kits make PSITECH™ fully customisable and allow for safe and efficient integration with third-party systems.

 PSI Mobile

The application allows for easy, secure access on a mobile device to the Occurrence Management, Evidence Bank, Runtime Visualisation and Operator Management functions.


  • Create a safe configurable platform for all - from the most inexperienced user to the experienced programmer.
  • Vector-based user-defined spatial maps and graphical object representations are configured by the system installer to meet the unique requirements of the operations environment.
  • Real time trending and a well-defined graphical interface give operators a clear overview of current system and network events.
  • A comprehensive environment for data management from the hardware interface to the visualisation, logging, alarming, filtering and third-party interface thereof.
  • One central platform for system configuration and report management.
  • Collections allow for efficient federated configuration.
  • Transparent system auditability.
  • Bulk configurations and reusable template factories facilitate team collaboration.


  • Provide a comprehensive debugging framework for integration at all levels.
  • Facilitate safe systems integration by third-party developers.
  • Facilitate a comprehensive development environment.
  • Encapsulate integrated, persistent and historical data logging.
  • Provide configurable, reusable "smart" code.