Large Scale Integration & Monitoring

A PSIM solution for entire Cities

Enterprise SCADA

Real-time, Smart monitoring & Control

Smart Transparent Reporting

Fast, easy Web Based Access

Highly Scalable Platform

Configurable Smart Scripting

Integrated Occurrence Book & Evidence Bank

Intelligent Automated, Incident Management

Manufacturer of next generation industrial, integrated security, IoT & building management systems


Out of the box technology...


A complete ecosystem...

Occurrence Book

Smart Integration...


  • Template based vector graphics
  • Advanced software development kit
  • Suitable for large and small systems
  • Physical Security Information Management
  • Industrial Process Automation
  • Comprehensive platform integration options
  • Integrated Occurrence Book and Evidence Bank
  • Desktop and Mobile Friendly
  • Next generation .NET, Database and Web technology

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Business Opportunities

Are you a OEM, distributor or niche market solution provider?
Partner with us to unlock strategic value & opportunities.

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